The Duke Patio Guide

Summer has finally arrived here in Toronto and if there’s one thing all Torontonians love it’s a great patio. Whether you’re grabbing a bite to eat after work or meeting friends for a drink or two, each Duke pub has the perfect patio to suit your needs. Let’s take a look at the different patios in the Duke Family and see what’s shaking on each of them.

The Duke of Devon

The calm before the storm at the Duke of Devon. Arrive early and ensure you get a seat!

Happy Hour Hot Spot

The downtown Dukes are buzzing with the after work crowd. Watch as businessmen loosen their ties and roll up their sleeves under the sun of the Duke of Devon or Duke of Westminster patios. Sneak out of the office and you might even be able to snag a bottle of vino for half price, available until 4pm. Better yet make it a working lunch and take a colleague or client out for lunch, they don’t need to know the wine is half off. If you’re more into lounging, the Devon is a great spot with couches and loveseats to get cozy as the sun goes down. Remember these spots are happening during the week so head to bed early on Sunday night.

There's plenty of room for large parties at the Duke of York.

There’s plenty of room for large parties at the Duke of York.

Summer Sabbaticals

Students and academics head to the shady and relaxed patio of the Duke of York, located in the Annex. This patio is very accommodating for larger groups thanks to large picnic tables and benches. The overhanging branches add a backyard feel and provide an escape from the blistering afternoons we can experience here in Toronto. Since it’s so close to the University of Toronto campus don’t be surprised if you rub suede patches with a professor or two, but let’s be serious, who wears a blazer in the summer. 

Stormy Weather

Typical weekends often see the clouds roll in and nothing can be more frustrating than wanting to be outside when it’s raining. I, myself, can admit to childlike tantrums when I’m craving a Caesar on a patio on a Sunday afternoon. The solution? The Duke of Somerset. With a good ol’ roof overhead, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a drink outside while staying dry and comfortable and don’t worry if the sun comes out on pint 3 or 4, because seating is also available without cover. It really is the best of both worlds.

Stop and Stare, but then look away

Although you might enjoy the company of your friends, nothing tops the entertaining art of people watching. Both the Duke of Richmond and Duke of Kent rule the foot traffic game, and as conversation fades, people turn their heads to see what characters the city of Toronto has to offer. Whether spotting the latest fashion trends, or helping tourists with directions, the combination of strollers will amaze even those who have been living in Toronto for decades. Don’t be surprised if you run into someone you know or have the overwhelming urge to ask a passerby about their adorable dog. The exposed nature of these patios makes you want to make friends.

Be ready for anything on the bustling patio at the Duke of Kent.

Be ready for anything on the bustling patio at the Duke of Kent.

These two patios are also prime locations for date night. Composed mainly of tables for two, they are the perfect spot for dinner or post movie drinks. It’s important to note the tables are close enough to get in on other people’s conversations, so if you’re about to tell your date that you’re really into them, make sure you whisper or the whole patio is going to know too.  And if things are going very well, don’t worry, the Kent is open until 2am.

Duke Patio Guide