Meatless Mondays

Last month celebrated the tenth anniversary of a dietary movement that takes place in over 29 countries around the globe: Meatless Mondays. You might already participate in this day of veggie-based eating but now you can find more vegetarian options at your favourite Duke Pub.

Meatless Mondays

What’s the deal with Monday?

It’s long been observed that people tend to start new regimes on Mondays. These can range from booking doctor’s appointments to beginning exercise programs or diets to quitting smoking. Bottom line: You probably indulged a little too much on the weekend and you want to start the next week on the right foot. Why not accomplish that by cutting one thing out of your diet on a Monday.

What’s the deal with no Meat?


As Canadians, we consume a lot of food. Much of this is produced through labour and land intensive farming practices. Globally, we can’t continue at the pace we’re at if we want all of our great-great-grandchildren to live the kind of fabulous lives we’re living right now.  Now, what is one burger or steak less per week going to do? If every Canadian ate one less burger a week, over time that would be a lot less cattle being farmed and on a global scale, that’s going to make an even larger impact.

It’s about your health too

Moroccan Stew

While no one’s going to tell you what to eat and not to eat, we can all agree the good ol’ veggies are always a great option in any diet. Taking meat out of the picture forces you to get creative with your main dishes. Without that pork chop taking up the space on your plate you might be at a loss for what to fill it with. Do not fear! Take to the internet for recipes, ask your pals (everyone has one friend that’s an amazing cook, right?) or you can always come to a Duke Pub on Mondays and let us help you out! The best part is that dishes will vary at different Duke locations so you’ll always be able to try something new. But don’t worry, if you are vegetarian 7 days a week, we have the Moroccan Vegetable Stew on the menu at all locations everyday!