Let the Dukes Spice Things Up!

Good KarmaThere’s something about the Duke Pubs’ curry that I can’t quite put my finger on. As a server at the Duke of Kent, I quickly became mildly addicted to the Bombay Chicken Curry over the five years I worked there. I recall genuinely being excited for a shift at work just so I could order it. Needless to say whenever I’m at a Duke Pub these days, it’s my standard order.


The funny thing about the Duke’s curry recipe is that it’s been around as long as me. How long is that? Promise not to tell anyone? An incredible 30 years. So that alone gives you an indication of how popular the dish is on the menu. The most interesting part is that each location has a slight variation on the dish. Like any recipe, it’s the Chef who gives a dish its unique flavour and the Dukes incorporate customer feedback to ensure everyone is getting the kind of traditional curry they’re craving. For instance, I like a curry with a lot of kick, so when I order my curry, I ask for an extra side of the Duke’s homemade suicide sauce and an extra side of Duke Pubs Rhubarb Chutney while I’m at it. Truth be told, I’d eat the chutney on its own if it were socially acceptable. The flavourful heat is the perfect dish to warm you up this long (never-ending-why-won’t-you-just-go-away) winter we’re having and even if you’re more of a mild kind of a currydiner, a crisp pint of Steam Whistle Pilsner will help cool things down.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had patrons ask or almost beg for the curry recipe to take home. If that sounds like you, you’re in luck. The Duke Pubs Curry Spice and Rhubarb Chutney are now on sale for a special March price of $12.99. To start off this venture, the Dukes partnered with


 George Brown College Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts Food Innovation and Research Studio to perfect their rhubarb chutney recipe. Next they were off to David’s Condiments who helped them master the recreation of their Curry Spice and Sabatini’s Gourmet Foods who handled the Rhubarb Chutney. It’s always best to leave jarring to the pros.  Not only do these kits come with the Curry Spice and Rhubarb Chutney but they include the new Chicken Karma Masala recipe so you don’t have to guess once you’re in the kitchen.
But that better not mean you won’t venture into the Dukes as much because, let’s face it, no matter how good the curry you make at home is, there’s something about the Duke Pubs that just keeps you coming back for more. But hey, if you don’t pop in as often … more for me!