Duke Pubs Draught Beer: Our Story

As a cornerstone in the restaurant and bar industry for over thirty years, the Duke Pubs have been laying the path for others to follow when it comes to pouring draught beer in Toronto. Strategic partnerships with the country’s top beer producers, equipment specialists and training programs have elevated our draught beer experience to an unparalleled position in which we take great pride. We hope you will as well, as you learn our story.

With almost one million pints pulled annually in our six Duke Pubs, we prepare our “Honest Pint” with pride and expertise, from the time we install a new draught system to the moment we serve a pint to you, our guest.

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With monthly scheduled draught system cleaning and maintenance provided by Draft Systems, coupled with participation in a forty point audit system conducted monthly by BetterBeer.com, we guarantee every pint we deliver is the freshest, cleanest and safest draught beer you will find in Toronto.

When we partner with industry leaders and quality innovators, they approach us knowing we take our draught beer seriously. Over the years, the Duke Pubs have helped launch multiple brands and breweries in Toronto including Alexander Keith’s IPA, Stella Artois and most recently, Shepherd Neame’s continental North American draught release of Spitfire Kentish Ale. The trust in our staff, systems and sales strategies allows market leaders the perfect avenue to best showcase their product with confidence.


Our executives, managers, bartenders and servers participate in industry leading training such as the Prud’homme Beer Certification Program provided by Thirst for Knowledge Inc., and the BetterBeer.Com Certification Program. Our level of commitment to learning everything about beer sets us apart. Currently the only accredited Beer Sommelier Certification program in Canada, our staff are eager to advance through the three-tier Prud’homme program.


Delivering a pint the way a skilled brewmaster intended is what we do well at The Duke Pubs. We offer an ever-evolving guest tap series and weekly product samplings paired with staff training, and we use branded glassware and coasters, as the foundation for a premium draught beer experience for you, our guest.

The Duke Pubs Draught Beer Story has been written over the last thirty years and the next chapter will be written with our excitement, knowledge and commitment to sharing the best quality draught in Toronto. We have been leading the way and look forward to continuing the journey with you. Fancy a pint?


Written by Mark Grassie, Duke of Somerset Manager