Top 5 Reasons Why Toronto Is Awesome

Happy Birthday Toronto! As we wish our fair city a happy 181st birthday, we thought we’d celebrate by sharing our top 5 reasons why Toronto is awesome.

Happy Birthday Toronto!

Happy Birthday Toronto!

5. The Economist Says So

A recent article in The Economist listed Toronto as the best place to live, based on their Safe Cities Index. The study included factors such as urban safety, livability rankings, the Democracy Index, Business Environment Rankings, and the Global Food Security Index. If that’s not totally awesome, we don’t know what is.

4. Entertainment and Culture

There’s always something to do in Hogtown. It doesn’t matter the time of the year, or the day of the week, there is always an exciting event happening in one spot or another. Be it live music, museums and galleries, theatre, or an array of cultural festivals, there is no excuse for boredom in TO. Don’t believe us? Then check out Tourism Toronto.

Reasons Why Toronto Is Awesome #4: Entertainment and Culture

Royal Ontario Museum

3. Toronto Islands

Toronto may play host to the rat race in the downtown core, but there is no better place for escape than the Islands. Whether you feel the need to sun yourself on the beach, ride your bike, toss a Frisbee or enjoy a picnic, the Toronto Islands can provide the perfect break from a Torontonian’s day-to-day grind. Not to mention that view of the skyline from the ferry!

Reasons Why Toronto Is Awesome #3: Toronto Islands

Toronto Skyline

2. Amazing Local Craft Beer

Need we say more? From the much-loved Steam Whistle Brewery located at the historical Roundhouse site to Amsterdam Brewhouse to Bellwoods Brewery to Great Lakes Brewery, the list goes on and on. Heck, there’s even the Black Creek Historic Brewery, located at Black Creek Pioneer Village! Toronto beer is delicious and fresh and the local craft beer community just keeps on growing. It’s definitely an exciting time for beer lovers in the Tdot.

Reasons Why Toronto Is Awesome: #2 Awesome Craft breweries

Steam Whistle Brewery

1. Inclusivity.

Everyone is welcome in Toronto. We are an extremely multicultural and diverse city, and everything from our food to our events and festivals to our local businesses, demonstrates this. Caribana and Pride Toronto are just a couple of examples. It’s a wonderful characteristic and something we are very proud of.

Reasons Why Toronto Is Awesome: #1 Inclusivity


So Happy 181st Birthday, Toronto! Thanks for being so awesome.